March 2020

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Relief for Small Businesses Affected by Covid-19



The economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic will be particularly and acutely felt by small businesses. On March 20, 2020, Governor Cuomo announced that 100% of the non-essential work force in New York State must stay home.  Small businesses must navigate these uncertain times without knowing when the end will be in sight.  To help, the State and Federal Governments have made resources available, with more sure to come.  See below for details and resources.  If you need help deciding what would be right for your business, understanding how the laws and regulations apply to your business, or advice generally during these turbulent times, please contact us at  We're here to help.

To determine if your business is an "essential" business exempt from Governor Curomo's work force reduction orders, guidance can be found here. 

For New York State Frequently Asked Questions for business owners, you can access the FAQ page for Empire State Development here.

Governor Cuomo has also announced that New York State is willing to pay businesses who can assist in making or delivering needed medical supplies. If your business can assist and wants more information, you can contact

The Federal Government is allowing the Small Business Association (SBA) to offer Economic Injury Disaster Loans to businesses impacted by Covid-19, which would provide low-interest loans to help businesses stay afloat. The Empire State Development Resource Guide to these loans is available here. 

For information from SBA, click here.  There is possible legislation coming which would make grants available as well.  We will update this page as more information is available.  

For more help, the Small Business Development Center is available at 845-443-8058 in Mid-Hudson and 845-443-8058 in Westchester.  Local government officials also have resource pages available and staff answering phones to assist constituents.  

For more information and updates as they become available, check back here.  Contact us at  Our attorneys are here to help.  

Governor Cuomo Orders 100% of Non-Essential New York Work Force to Stay Home



Following his announcement on March 18, 2020 that non-essential businesses and non-profit entities were to reduce their at-site work force by 50% to dampen the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19), New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the next day that such percentage would increase to 75%.  On March 20, 2020, the Governor again modified the figure, announcing that 100% of the non-essential work force must stay home, an extraordinary measure intended to dramatically slow the spread of Covid-19. The Executive Order will be enforced through civil penalties and mandatory closures.

The impact of this directive on businesses will be colossal. Few businesses can operate with 100% of their work force at home. It is an unsettling and unprecedented time for business owners and management as they navigate these uncertain times.  If you need help understanding the new, ever-changing laws and regulations, need advice on how to steer your business through this period of difficulty, or need direction to tap into the resources that are becoming available to offer relief, please contact us. This is what we do and we're here to help. We can be reached at

Governor Cuomo issues Work from Home Order



New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has issued an Executive Order dated March 18, 2020 directing that all businesses and not-for-profit entities in New York State shall maximize their capabilities to allow telecommuting or work from home procedures.  Every employer is directed to reduce their in-person workforce at each work location by 50%.  The Order goes into effect on March 20, 2020 at 8:00 p.m.  Essential businesses or entities providing essential services or functions are exempt from the Order.  The full text of the Order and a list of those businesses or services which are considered "essential," can be found here.  The Order also provides a mechanism by which those businesses which are not on the list can apply to be deemed essential, and guidance will be provided by 5:00 p.m. on March 19, 2020. 

These are uncertain time for businesses.  Our strength is guiding and advising clients as they navigate all of the legal complexities of operating a business.  If you need help or have questions in steering your business through this new landscape, call us at 845-615-9010.