March 2016

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New E-Filing Available For CHAR500 With Charities Bureau.New York State. March 2016 - Charities Bureau is offering registered organizations and preparers the opportunity to file the CHAR500 Annual Financial Filing through Form 990 Online.



In addition to filing Form 990 online with the Internal Revenue Service, charitable organizations may now choose to file their CHAR500 Annual Financial Report directly to the New York State Attorney General’s Charities Bureau and upload any required attachments. The standalone CHAR500 allows charitable organizations to create and electronically file the organization’s CHAR500 with the NYS Charities Bureau, free of charge, without having to simultaneously e-file its Form 990/990-EZ with the IRS, as previously required.  If a charitable organization has already filed its Form 990/990-EZ with the IRS and would like to electronically file its NYS CHAR500, the organization may do so and attach a PDF copy of the filed Form 990/990-EZ to the CHAR500.


Charitable organizations directly benefit from these electronic enhancements, as the process is more accurate and less expensive.  Additional benefits of filing online include faster processing time, faster updates to the Charities Registry, faster payment processing, document tracking and receipt confirmation.


If you have any questions regarding electronic filing of the CHAR500, feel free to call our office at (845) 897-3400 or email at

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